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Should we buy this one?

Should we buy this one?

Vintage and rare books are just one of 60+ annual categories.

Vintage/rare books is one of 60+ categories.

While many organi-zations sell mostly softcover fiction, we specialize in top-quality, non-fiction, academic, hardback books plus paperbacks.

Books are donated by Princeton scholars, local celebrities, and ordinary book lovers. Proceeds support college scholarships for young women from central New Jersey.

Love books? Join us! Details.

Sale Location:

The Bryn Mawr Wellesley Book Sale is held annually at Princeton Day School, 650 Great Road, Princeton, NJ 08540. Do not use the rink driveway entrance. Park and enter the building at the northwest end. Look for posters hung in the windows. DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE LANE. We are not responsible for tickets or towing charges.

Buyers come from Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia; Brooklyn; Greenwich Village; eastern Pennsylvania; Wisconsin, Florida, Maine, and beyond. Why do they come so far? The Bryn Mawr Wellesley Book Sale is worth the trip!



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